180 Raritan Center Pkwy, Edison, NJ 08837

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Cross Docks Solutions
180 Raritan Center Parkway,
Edison NJ 08837

Telephone: +1 888.629.2190
E-mail: info@cross-docsksolutions.com

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Additional Contacts

Pedro J. Cárdenas
Ceo & Founder
Phone Number: 201.376.3523
E-Mail: PCardenas@cross-docksolutions.com

Pat Romano
VP Sales.
Phone Number: 610.906.2181
E-Mail: Pat.Romano@cross-docksolutions.com

Kevin McVey
VP Transportation.
Phone Number: 702.601.8026
E-Mail: K.Mcvey@cross-docksolutions.com

Mayra Mercado Office Mgr
E-Mail: mayra.mercado@cross-docksolutions.com

Cross-Dock Solutions Freezer
180 Raritan Center Parkway
Edison NJ 08837

Warehouse Mgr: Madex@cross-docksolutions.com

Cross-Dock Solutions Rail-Transload
40 Mayfield Ave
Edison NJ 08837

Mr: Theodore Moultrie

Cross-Dock Solutions Cooler

145 Talmadge Road
Edison NJ 08817

Warehouse Mgr: Madex@cross-docksolutions.com

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